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What Are the Benefits of Fuel System Cleaning?

A clean fuel system goes hand-in-hand with a healthy and good-performing engine. You need fuel to accelerate and run. Therefore, the cleaner your fuel system, the more efficiently your engine will burn fuel. That means more power and higher fuel economy: a win-win for you.


After many years of being on the road, your car will collect some dirt and debris in the fuel tank. Fortunately, this stuff gets sifted out of the fuel before it moves through your engine. But, what happens when the fuel filter is clogged too? The contaminants will get to the fuel injectors and eventually the cylinders. 


 If your fuel system is dirty, you could experience major problems with the combustion process. So that is why the experts at International Sport Motors recommend regular fuel system cleanings. We recommend referring to your owner’s manual or ask your service advisor to determine when you might need this done.


A professional fuel system cleaning at International Motor Sports includes a comprehensive check of the entire fuel system. We may change your fuel filter if necessary. Furthermore, our professionals will use a combination of top-of-the-line cleaning chemicals and tools to clean out the throttle body, intake valves, and more. And of course, we can’t forget about the fuel injectors.


The fuel injectors are in charge of spritzing fuel into the engine at a precise time. They simply cannot do this when they are clogged. Dirty fuel injectors can not only lower engine power, but they can waste fuel.


Overall, our fuel cleaning service can guarantee the following benefits:

  • Improve Engine Performance
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency
  • Extend Lifespan of Engine and Fuel Parts


They say clean fuel equals a happy engine. If you're interested in our fuel system cleaning service, please do not hesitate to give International Sports Motors a call or visit today.