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Factory Recommended Services - How Important Are They?

Many motorists frequently just adhere to their owner's handbook up to the time that their dealer warranty expires. Once your warranty has expired, it's simple to forget about things like monthly belt checks and oil changes. Your car's manufacturer has specified their "factor suggested maintenance" in the owner's manual because they are aware that regular maintenance will increase your car's ease of use and life span. What necessary routine maintenance must be performed in order for your warranty to remain valid is also specified in your owner's handbook.

Reasons To Regularly Maintain Your Car

Improved mileage

Long-term improvements in your car's fuel economy can be achieved with routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations. Your gas mileage can be improved by constantly keeping your tire pressure at factory recommended levels. By guaranteeing that your engine is in good condition and that your tires are worn evenly, regular maintenance on your car can help you obtain better gas efficiency. The purpose of factory advised maintenance is to ensure that your car runs as efficiently as possible and that you are satisfied with it.

Steer clear of costly repairs

Maintaining your vehicle might help you avoid future significant and expensive repairs. You can make sure that your fluids are in good shape and at the right levels to ensure that your engine and transmission are operating well by checking the levels of fluids like oil or transmission fluid. Additionally, ensuring that the engine cooling and air conditioning systems are functioning properly and have enough antifreeze will help your automobile minimize overheating and subsequent repairs.

Increase Car Life

Your car's life span can be increased with routine maintenance. Your automobile won't require a transmission replacement or repair anytime soon if you make sure that your transmission, gearing, and transmission fluid are in good shape. Additionally, changing your cabin or engine air filter can help your engine run better and last longer. By routinely inspecting your braking rotors and brake pads, you may prevent premature brake wear that could harm your car.

Make an effort to keep up with your planned manufacturer maintenance, but believe that if you occasionally forget, your car won't blow up. If you need factory recommended maintenance, we invite you to bring your vehicle to International Sports Motors today!