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5 Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

It is unfortunate that even the safest and most cautious drivers can end up in a car collision. When this incident happens, it is important that you are well-prepared and know what to do afterward to save you time, money, and stress. Here are the top 5 things you should do after being in a vehicle accident:

1) Inspect for injuries and damages

If anyone is hurt in the accident, the top priority should be to get help immediately. Please remember to turn on your hazards. You should stay at the scene of the accident and remain there until the police get there. If the accident occurred in an unsafe area or with high traffic, it would be best to move to a safer location.

2) Call the police and file an accident report

Having an officer at the scene to gather unbiased information from all parties is the best way to go about the situation. They can help collect information from all parties.

3) Gather information

Exchanging contact information with the other drivers is the most important step of all. You'll need their names, numbers, driver's license #, plate numbers, and insurance information. It will help if you have contacts of witnesses as well.

4) Take pictures

Most people forget this critical step. It would be helpful if you could capture various angles of your cars' damage, including where the accident occurred. They will come in handy when you file an insurance claim later on. Plus, it can help an auto repair shop figure out a rough estimate of the repairs.

5) Get estimates on repairs

In most big cases, your insurance will deal with completing the claim and paying the deductible. But in rare cases, a minor dent or scratch may be cheaper to be paid out of pocket. In that case, your next steps would be to seek estimates from various collision repair shops.


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