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What Happens After a Vehicle Collision?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, up to 6 million car accidents happen in the US annually. Being in a car accident is one of the scariest and most frustrating experiences, whether a minor bender or a severe accident. Then comes the injuries, pain, confusion, and damage. It might be quite hard for you to think logically at the moment. It is, therefore, crucial that you educate yourself on what to do in advance. After all, accidents can happen anytime, even with the most careful driver.

Breath and Determine if Anyone is Hurt

After an accident, the most important thing is to breathe and connect your mind with your body. Scan your body and those of your passengers for potential body injuries, paying attention to where you might feel some pain or discomfort. Remember never to leave the accident scene, no matter how minor it might appear.

Get Your Vehicle off the Road

If it was a minor accident, you are not hurt, and the vehicle is still operational, consider moving it to the side of the road and turning on the hazard lights. You can also put up reflective emergency triangles or flairs, alerting other motorists to slow down. However, if the accident is serious, with severe damages and injuries, leave the car on the road.

Contact the Police

In some states, the police might not respond to minor accidents. It is still crucial that you contact them anyway. Once they arrive, pay attention to their names, contact information, and badge number and request a copy of the accident report. Other actions you should take include:

  • Collect evidence, witnesses, and insurance information
  • Seek medical attention
  • Call a tow truck if need be

Collision Repairs in San Francisco, CA

Even if your car is still operational after an accident, it needs to be in better condition. It probably has scratches and dents that can be seen from a distance reducing its value and appeal. A professional collision inspection and repair will make it look new, restoring your car's look, performance and value. If you need car collision repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to International Sport Motors today!