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What Are The Signs Of Worn Shocks And Struts?

A good suspension is essential to motor vehicle safety and performance. Shocks and struts stabilize the movements of automobiles. They give drivers greater control of steering, turning, acceleration, and braking. A worn-out suspension makes for an uncomfortable ride and poor handling, and we don't want you to have that. Even on the smoothest of roads, the car won't perform well.


Like any other parts of a motor vehicle, shocks and struts need regular replacement. It is even more critical for those who drive over rough terrain. Most auto manuals come with schedules for maintenance of shocks and support, but it always helps to know the signs of wear and tear.


Tires Wear Out Prematurely/Unevenly

A clear sign of worn-out shocks and struts is in the tires. If you notice bald patches, uneven wearing, or if the tire treads wear out faster than usual, your suspension probably needs a replacement. Premature or uneven wearing is a sign that the wheels are not in firm contact with the road at all times.


Bouncing Or Rattling

It's normal to bounce around or hear some rattling if you're driving on a rocky road. But if the vehicle body is shaking and rattling even on smooth roads, it's a sure sign that the shocks and struts are getting worn out. Shocks should absorb the impact for a smoother ride.

If that's not happening, then you need new ones.


Vehicle Tipping Or Leaning

When the shocks and struts wear out, the car's front tips forward during braking, and the back end sinks when accelerating. You may not notice this unless you accelerate or brake hard. The vehicle also leans to one side when making a sharp turn.


Fluid Leaks

If you notice fluid leaking from the shocks and struts, this means that the seals have broken, and the fluids that keep the suspension working are pouring out. You may also hear clunking sounds.


Suspension Repairs And Maintenance in San Francisco

Good shocks and struts maximize ride comfort, safety, and control for drivers and passengers. If you need your shocks or struts replaced, bring your European vehicle to our full service auto repair shop (and auto body shop) for quality services today! You can always count on the experts at International Sport Motors.