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8 Holiday Driving Safety Tips

Many of us will be hitting the roads in the upcoming weeks for holiday travel, which means driving requires more of your attention than ever. With the weather dropping below freezing in many parts of the country, bad weather, less daylight, and of course the holiday stress, the holidays can be challenging for some of us to navigate. With that in mind, we’d like to share several of these driving tips to keep you and your family safer on the roads:

  1. Practice defensive driving - Of course, the best way to maximize safety is to drive defensively. That means be alert and keep your eyes on the road. You should scan your vehicle’s surroundings to catch obstacles early on. 
  2. Be well rested - Many adults lack sleep during the busy holiday season, making driving with drowsiness a major problem. If you have a long trip ahead, make sure to get a good night’s rest before. Take breaks and split up driving time with another fellow passenger to stay alert.
  3. Check forecasts - Winter weather can be unpredictable, which can present a number of hazards. It is best to check forecasts in advance to plan for bad weather. Sometimes, it is better to wait out the storm.
  4. Keep an eye out on your blind spots - With the holidays here, you might see an increase in large commercial vehicles on the road. These tend to have large blind spots, so be careful when driving around these automobiles. Try your best not to linger in their blind spots.
  5. Check alternative routes - No one wants to spend most of their road trip in stopped traffic. That is why we recommend inputting your destination into a GPS app to evaluate road conditions. There may be alternative routes that you can take to avoid being stuck in traffic.
  6. Pack an emergency road kit - It is best to always plan for the unexpected. That is why we recommend bringing some valuable tools and items that can help you in the case of a breakdown. Make sure to include basic tools, a spare tire kit, a flashlight, a portable battery, jumper cables, extra car fluids, and more.
  7. Minimize distractions - Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of crashes and collisions during this time of year. Make sure to give the road your full attention and stow away your cell phone.
  8. Maintenance - Last but not least, a pre-trip inspection can save you from headaches on the road. A brief evaluation of your vehicle’s safety components, such as your tires, battery, brakes, wipers, lights, can save you from a roadside emergency.

If you need seasonal maintenance before the holidays, please call or visit the auto repair specialists at International Motor Sports today.