Car Vandalism Insurance Claims

Virtually all insurance companies won't increase your premiums if you file a claim for vandalism. But, you must have comprehensive coverage in order to file a vandalism claim with your insurance company.

The first thing to do once your car is vandalized is to file a police report. This creates a paper trail that you can use to file a claim and get reimbursed from your insurance company. Comprehensive coverage, in addition to covering the actual damage to your car, will also cover items stolen from the vehicle.

It is also a good idea to check to see what the insurance deductible is on your comprehensive coverage before you file a claim with your insurance company. Many times comprehensive coverage deductibles are lower than your standard deductible, but not always. It's best to find out exactly what your auto insurance deductible is so you can consider the various pros and cons before choosing an auto body shop to take care of your vandalism claim. Some auto body shops will also offer deductible savings if you bring your car to their shop.

Since comprehensive coverage is not mandatory, many people do not get the coverage. But if you bought your car with a bank loan or have a lease then comprehensive coverage is required by the bank or the leasing company.

Check with your insurance company and then find a good local shop that is experienced with vandalism claims. If you are in the San Francisco area you can call our shop at (415) 551-9930 or use our online estimate form to get a quick estimate over the internet.